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  Our patented process isolates the entire class of tocotrienol isoforms from other naturally occurring compounds found in crude red palm extracts and other natural sources. We can tailor the methods to produce purified mixed tocotrienols at the natural proportions in red palm, pure individual tocotrienol isoforms (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta), custom isoform mixtures, or formulations with other phytonutrients in red palm. We’ve designed the process to use environmentally friendly and low-toxicity solvents, such as ethanol, propanol, and water. The patented technology can be utilized from pilot scale through full commercial scale and is available for licensing. Contact us today to learn more about our tocotrienol extraction technology.

 Illustration showing the compounds in red palm that our patented process removes to provide pure mixed tocotrienols or pure individual isoforms.

  Tocotrienols are part of the vitamin E family of compounds, but they have a chemical structure that’s quite different from that of alpha-tocopherol, the compound most commonly called “vitamin E.” This difference in chemical structure gives tocotrienols significantly enhanced activity as both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. Tocotrienols exist at sustainable levels in red palm and other natural sources. Red palm provides the most comprehensive tocotrienol cross-section because it contains all four common tocotrienol isoforms – alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. Our patented process isolates the entire class of tocotrienol isoforms from the other compounds in red palm, and other sources, that inhibit tocotrienol uptake in humans, yielding a high purity mixed tocotrienol extract with significant health benefits.


The Latest Advance in Liquid Blending Technology

  SensiBlend patented technology is the latest advance in in-line liquid blending. With a 15 year track record in the pharmaceutical industry, this blending innovation is now being made available to manufacturers of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). In addition to traditional volumetric measurements, the SensiBlend patented in-process multi-sensor recirculation loop provides a chemical analysis, in-process, to controlcorrectand confirm ingredient proportioning and product specifications on a millisecond basis during production. By incorporating FDA recommended Process Analytical Technology (PAT), SensiBlend places the QC lab inside the blending equipment, correcting production errors in real-time. Users program the SensiBlend system with a detailed chemical analysis of what constitutes a golden batch, and SensiBlend ensures these set points are met before product is released.

SensiBlend Benefits Include